This year the Trust is seeking fundraising support not only from medical and healthcare companies but also from those involved in the rural sector. In June, Sarah is heading for Mystery Creek, or Fieldays 2011, to immerse herself in the heart of rural life to promote the Trust, increase awareness and widen the network of potential rural sponsors.

The Trust is appreciative of the support given by Mobile Surgical Services (MSS) who have allocated space within their marquee for the Trust to have a presence at New Zealand’s biggest rural event. The Mobile Surgical Unit with its prime location at Fieldays 2011 will act as a point of interest to draw in farmers and their families. They will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit inside the surgical bus and view interactive displays of the health services they provide for rural New Zealanders;
  • Meet with Doctors and Nurses also in an associated marquee for a range of optional health checks including blood pressure, diabetes and hearing tests and demonstrations of ultrasound;
  • See the video communications systems using microwave and satellites that will make time and distance issues of the past;
  • Optionally attend sessions from health agencies such as ACC and the Heart Foundation.

There will be many opportunities for sponsorship and support for the Trust in the coming months. We encourage you to email Sarah to discuss any ideas, assistance or sponsorship you may be able to provide to ensure our on-going success.