Day 4 – I’m in the clock tower medical center again today.  I have been able to see my own patients who are rung prior to there appointment and asked whether they mind being booked in under me.  Once I have taken a history and done the examination if message the Doctor who is supervising me and they come in and I present the patient.  It is a great learning opportunity however the subtle differences of the Australian medical system catch me out sometimes. For example an elderly man came in and wasn’t that clear on why he had to come but it was something to do with a referral.  Turns out GP referrals only last for 12 months and they need renewing.  As I didn’t know this it made the consultation very difficult to do until the doctor came in to clear it all up.


Day 5 – This was another day of tutorials.  We had teaching on headache from a GP and some emergency medicine teaching via video conferance.  Both were very useful topics to cover.

Tonight I went to the Gippsland medical school ball in Traralgon.  This was a great evening and I got to meet heaps of medical students.  It was a masquerade and there were some that really made an effort and won well deserved prizes.  There was a photo booth which provided you with strips of photos to take home.

I spent the weekend catching up with some family who live in Traralgon.  Was a great opportunity to see them again and explore their farm in Toongabbie.