Week one in Kalgorrlie. My first impression is that it is way colder than I thought I would be and I have to wear thermals! Outrageous for Australia I thought.

I spent the first few days in the Aboriginal Health Centre, which is an amazing free service for anyone of aboriginal descent. They don’t have appointments and people can turn up whenever they want. All the doctors and staff are amazingly compassionate and hard working and all really want to make a difference.

They have aboriginal health workers who see the patients first and do a work up then they decide if the patient needs to see a doctor or not. They are specifically trained (and there is a training centre here in Kalgoorlie) to do this job.

There is also a scheme in Australia in which people can get all their prescriptions for free, which was great.

I spent the second half of the week with one of the local GP obstetricians.