Monday morning I was back on the general medical ward. There were still a couple of patients there from the week before so it was nice to see them improved and nearly ready for discharge. I was put in charge of putting in all the IV’s by the helpful intern (equivalent to first year house surgeon in NZ). I admitted a patient who had pyrexia of unknown origin. This was an interesting case where he has temperature spikes every night resulting in him breaking out in a massive sweat. He has already been extensively worked up with serial blood and urine cultures looking for sepsis and a transthoracic echo to investigate a cardiac cause as he has known valvular disease. The plan is to do a transoesophageal echo as the physician still think it may be cardiac related. Interesting case but slightly over my head! Might have to do a short case on it!

Today I was back in theatre for a gen surg list. I saw two lap cholecystectomies, an incisional hernia and inguinal hernia repair. All the staff were super nice again letting me get involved and helping out. These ops were pretty routine so not too much to report back really. Off to Lakes Entrance, a nearby township, this evening for a couple of days in GP there. Will check back in with anything interesting I come across.